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Withings Smartwatches

You may never have heard of Withings but they have developed one of the best health monitoring smartwatches on the market. They do specialise in hybrid smartwatches where the watches do have a watch face but have other features that are accessible via a LCD display on the watch face. Withings claim that they invented the first hybrid smartwatch and boast lots of useful features and renown for their award winning designs and unsurpassed battery life.

The smartwatch models that Withings produce are :-

  • Scanwatch
  • Steel HR
  • Move
  • Move ECG
  • Pulse HR

Scanwatch -RRP £249

The Scanwatch are the newest addition to the Withings designs. This watch is the worlds most advanced wearable watch. The Scanwatch is the the first hybrid smartwatch to continuously scan vital parameters to detect heart health conditions and help improve overall fitness. It has a medical-grade ECG, an oximeter for SpO2 measures, and an exceptional battery life of up to 30 days.

New  Withings Scanwatch

Scanwatch can record a medical-grade electrocardiogram and detect signs of atrial fibrillation

Scanwatch can record a medical-grade electrocardiogram and detect signs of atrial fibrillation—a form of arrhythmia that can be damaging to your health if left undiagnosed. ECG readings can be easily shared with your doctor via the Health Mate app, providing valuable information to help them track your heart health.
The app that Withings have developed is called with the free Health Mate app available for Android and iOS, where you can view trends, gain insights & find extra motivation with badges and programs. It is available for download via the Google play store or the apple store.

Durable Design

The smartwatch is very durable and is made to last, with a 2-year guarantee if things go wrong. It comes with sapphire glass and a clear and bright display that can be viewed in almost any light. The Scanwatch includes a digital crown that allows you to easily select and scroll through the features.
Bands – The Scanwatch comes with a premium band as standard but other bands are available in sizes of 18mm and 20mm in leather, silicone, woven recycled PET and metal.

24/7 heart scanning.
Invaluable peace of mind.

ScanWatch will automatically check your heart rate throughout the day at the best moment. Thanks to an exclusive algorithm developed with cardiologists, ScanWatch notifies you if your heart rate is low, high or if your heart rhythm is irregular. As heart abnormalities can have no symptoms, it can act as an early warning system.

Advanced Sleep Tracking

Wake to a full report with heart health tracking, a Sleep Score based on sleep cycles, sleep duration and wake-ups. Set a silent vibrating alarm and take advantage of Smart Wake-Up. ScanWatch tracks your sleep cycles (light and deep), duration of sleep, time to be asleep and wake up as well as interruptions, and logs it in the Health Mate app so you can view your trends. Our exclusive algorithm automatically scores your night based on sleep cycles, duration, regularity and interruptions.

24/7 Activity Tracking

Automatically tracks walk, biking, run, swim, sleep, distance, elevation (floor climbed) & calories burned.

Automatic activity detection

Take a swim, commute by bike, or go for a run—ScanWatch will automatically recognize your activity and log it in the Health Mate app. Get credit for all your moves with no button to press. ScanWatch helps you know where you stand on your daily step goal at glance with the activity subdial right on the watch. A 3-axis accelerometer and 10 years of algorithm improvements allow you to enjoy most accurate results.

Steel HR – RRP £169.95

The Steel Hr is also clinically tested and can track activity, heart and sleep in style. A great feature along with all Withings smartwatches, it has 25 days battery life so you’re not going to have to pack a charger if you go away.
Keep on top of your personal goals day and night with the hybrid smartwatch that delivers a detailed overview right to the companion app.


24/7 heart scanning.
Invaluable peace of mind.

Steel HR automatically counts steps and recognizes walking, running, swimming or sleeping. Steel HR is water-resistant to 50m. With its 25 days of battery life, Steel HR takes readings around the clock to give a holistic view of your heart. Enjoy heart rate tracking day & night plus continuous tracking during workouts.

Automatic Seep Tracking

If you wear Steel HR to bed it will automatically track light and deep sleep cycles, duration, and sleep quality via the Sleep Score. Plus, the Smart Wake-up feature can get you out of bed at the best time according to your sleep cycle.
Sleep tracking helps you understand your night and make choices that can improve them. Studies have shown that better sleep helps people manage weight, reduce blood pressure, and even reduce the risk of cardiovascular events.
Every day, find out how restorative the night was with a score (1 to 100) based on duration, depth, regularity & interruptions.

Sport Monitoring

Easily activate workout mode right on your wrist by choosing from over 30 sports. This will activate a timer, continuous heart rate connected GPS. Open Health mate after your workout to get duration, distance, and your path map. Steel HR also features automatic exercise recognition at all times so you get credit for all your moves. The proprietary artificial intelligence learns your specific moves for each activity for even more accurate & personalized tracking experience.

Withings Steel
Withings App

Smart Notifications

You can stay in-the-know on the go with vibration and smartphone notifications right on the embedded digital screen. Steel HR supports calls, texts, events and all the apps you choose.

Move ECG – RRP £129.95

The move ECG smartwatch is a hybrid watch but does not show it to look at it. The watch has no embedded digital screen like the other two watches above but it can still logs all activity and heart rate. The data is transferred to the healthmate app. The Move ECG is the first analogue watch with a built in Electrocardiogram to detect atrial fibrillation anytime.

moveecg 1

The Move ECG features-

  • Activity tracking
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Connected GPS
  • Waterproof up to 50m
  • No charging
  • ECG on your wrist

ECG-Always on and ready whenever you are
Ready whenever you are: if you feel palpitations or an irregular heart rhythm, simply press the side button and place your finger on the bezel. In 30 seconds, your medical-grade ECG is ready.

You can record an ECG with or without your phone nearby—as data can be stored in the watch until the next sync.

Move ECG can detect atrial fibrillation—also known as AFib.
It is the most common heart rhythm disorder. AFib can lead to heart failure and is thought to be responsible for up to 30% of strokes.

No Charging Needed

This watch does not need regular charging like a traditional smartwatch as the internal battery lasts up to 12 months.

Seamless Activity Tracking

Automatically tracks walk, run, swim & easily detects 30+ activities, plus workout mode, elevation & connected GPS.

Sleep Tracking

Delivers a Sleep Score, light & deep sleep stages, plus silent alarm & Smart Wake-Up. Simply wear Move ECG at night whilst you sleep and it will record your sleep automatically. In the morning you will get a breakdown in the app of the light and deep sleep cycles, interruptions and a sleep score. Also, the smart wake-up feature picks the correct time to wake you up out of bed.