Ticwatch Smartwatches

Ticwatch smartwatches are manufactured by Mobvoi. Since 2012, Mobvoi’s core focus has been on voice AI interaction and hardware-software integration.
There are a few different Ticwatch designs not limited to the following
Ticwatch Pro
Ticwatch Pro 2020
Ticwatch E2
Ticwatch S2
Ticwatch C2
and Ticwatch also produce some very good audio listening pods too called
Ticwatch Pods ANC
Ticwatch Pods2

I have personally owned a Ticwatch Pro for the last 2 years and before that, I had a Ticwatch E. Both watches were really good at design and innovation. One feature I liked about the watches was the ability to create your own faces on the Facer app on Android. All these watches integrate with Apple and Android operating systems on your smartphones.
Step tracking is useful for monitoring daily activity alongside the google fit app. If you install the Wear Os app on your phone you can see all history of steps and activity on your phone as the data is synced via Bluetooth technology. Anyone who has ever owned a smartwatch will know the main bugbear with them is the battery life. I upgraded from the Ticwatch E to the Ticwatch Pro because of that purpose. The Pro boasting that the battery life was up to 30 days but I never achieved that with the most number of days I had out of it on one charge was about 5 days, even this is quite good compared with the competition.

Wear Os

wear os

All of the products manufactured by Mobvoi run the Wear OS by Google platform. Your favourite Google Play™ apps accessible from your watch while you’re on-the-go. Download your apps and use them from your wrist. Whatever you need, there’s probably an app for it. May that be Google Pay, for making payments with your watch, Google Fit for tracking sports and activity, Google play for listening to music connected to your smartphone and many more.

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