top smartwatches of 2020

The Top smartwatches of 2020 you’ll Love

The smartwatches have been coming thick and fast throughout 2020 even with the global pandemic upon us. We have seen the competition been fierce and consistent with top brands such as Apple, Samsung and Fitbit newly on the scene. Read on to find out which smartwatches Aroundwatches considers the top smartwatches of 2020.

Competition of top smartwatches of 2020

The one main thing these new smartwatches are doing to appeal to the market is been loaded with new features like GPS, Heartrate tracking, NFC and internet search with your voice. These features usually work best when paired with a smartphone but now the features are getting that advanced they can be used stand-alone without the smartphone. This has come about as the sensors are not reliant on the Bluetooth pairing to the sensors of the smartphone as the sensors are incorporated into the smartwatches design.

Table of contents

  1. Apple Watch SE
  2. Galaxy Watch 3
  3. Fitbit Versa 3
  4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2
  5. Fossil Sport

1. Apple Watch SE

The best of the pick but you need an iPhone


This new Apple smartwatch is the best smartwatch that you can buy right now but only if you have an iPhone. One of the main problems with Apple products is that they are not compatible with other devices, unlike many other manufacturers. This is not a problem as Apple seems to have a great posse of avid followers that just buy all the products that this manufacturer releases and they are happy. If you have an android phone then you might want to skip this as the best smartwatch.

In past articles, we have recommended the Apple series 6 smartwatch but now the SE has been released with hardly any features lost and a reduction in the price, we believe this to be the better option.

The SE still does not have the best battery life on the market and it does not have an always-on-display but for the price and the great features we believe this will take some beating.

2. Galaxy Watch 3

Best smartwatch for the Android users


This is the best smartwatch if you are an Android smartphone user, yet it also works with an iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the most performing model in the galaxy range that Samsung has created to date. As this is their flagship model as you can imagine there is not much that this smartwatch does not have.
This smartwatch has the rotating bezel that makes easy work of navigating the menus and other features. Please note that if you intend to use this with the iPhone some of the features are limited but you can still use the smartwatch with it.

If you are looking for a smartwatch with it all then look no further. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has it all, looks, functionality and much much more.

3. Fitbit Versa 3

Fitbit’s answer to activity tracking

Fitbit Versa 3

If the two models from above have not appealed to you then maybe this smartwatch by Fitbit will. There is a great focus on fitness tracking with the Fitbit range and the Versa 3 is certainly up there with these features. If you want a smartwatch that is light on the wrist and comfortable to wear then this is for you. The Versa 3 has some great features like GPS, Waterproof, Great display and above all, it will not break the bank as it is cheaper than lots of rival smartwatches out there.

However, if you are looking for an elegant timepiece with customisable features and watch faces then this might not be for you.

4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Smaller and arguably more comfortable

active watch

This is the second watch in this list my Samsung and is certainly worth a mention. The Active 2 is a slimmed down version of the watch 3, it’s lost the rotating bezel but has a bevelled edge screen that is still pleasing to the eye. It has a 360×360 display that is bright and beautiful in an eye-catching way.

It comes packed with features as you would expect, such as 39 workout modes, heart rate and ECG sensor, health app and sleep and stress monitoring. There is even functionality to include blood pressure monitoring but that is yet to be activated.

This version of the Galaxy Watch is certainly not a cheap smartwatch but when compared to the price of the Watch 3 you may want to opt for the cheaper version that does nearly everything that the watch 3 does.

5. Fossil Sport

Great attempt at a large smartwatch from Fossil

Fossil Sports

Over the last few years, Fossil has come right to the table in the wearable tech market to be considered one of the competiton and with the Fossil Sport, it has become a big hit.
This smartwatch is a great contender for this list, not only because of the price tag, as it is at the lower end of the scale but yet has premium features such as GPS, lightweight, waterproof for swimming, Google Pay, Heart rate tracking and battery life of about 2 days on a single charge, to name a few.

Fossil has managed to squeeze the new chipset from snapdragon 3100 into this model which means navigations and inputs are slick and fast which is just what you want whilst navigating the menus.

This smartwatch has nothing about it to stand out from the crowd but if you are looking for a nice sporty, fitness smartwatch that runs the OSWear software then this might be for you.

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