best smartwatches for swimming

Best Smartwatches for Swimming

Best Waterproof Smartwatch to swim with? When we are buying a new smartwatch what is the most important feature? Is it battery life? Is it how the smartwatch looks? Maybe you consider the best smartwatches to be all made from one manufacturer, Ticwatch for example. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance… Read More »Best Smartwatches for Swimming

best smartwatches with NFC

Best Smartwatches with NFC

The best smartwatches with NFC are everywhere in the smartwatch world today. Owning a smartwatch is not really a big thing. Thousands of people around the globe now own a smartwatch and that is probably why you are reading this, you either own a smartwatch or are considering buying one. If you are wondering what… Read More »Best Smartwatches with NFC

2020 X7 smartwatch

2020 X7 Pro Smartwatch Review

2020 X7 Smartwatch Review RRP £23.99 The X7 smartwatch is full of features and character for not a lot of price. The smartwatch is great looking and I’m sure that you will agree once you see the watch and all the features that this watch is great at tracking your daily activities, whatever you are… Read More »2020 X7 Pro Smartwatch Review

Fitbit versa 2

Amazing Fitbit Smartwatches. See why?

Fitbit Smartwatches Everyone knows the brand Fitbit by now unless you have been under a stone for the last 10 years. Fitbit now sells a multitude of smartwatches and for a varied degree of applications and sports. Whether you want to just own a smart-looking smartwatch for aesthetics or you a hardcore sports fanatic who… Read More »Amazing Fitbit Smartwatches. See why?