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I am a friendly person with a passion for life… oh and smartwatch fanatic

Hi there. My name is Phil Bates and I am fanatical about smartwatches so thought that I’d combine my passions to see if I could offer some great insight into the subject to help people choose the right watch for you. I am a dad of two, twins, a husband to my lovely wife of 8 years. I love travelling on family holidays. I also have a few other hobbies like flying remote control helicopters and driving remote control helicopters. I love fast cars but I am sorry to say that I don’t own one.

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“Funny, witty and a passion for life

I love swimming and have a few medals for them in my earlier years which I am very proud of. I believe in living my life not sitting back and watching it go by. This is a philosophy I live by. If there is some opportunity I like to try it out and not let it pass by.

I got my first smartwatch 4 years ago and ever since I have been Hooked. I first purchased the Ticwatch E. I was hooked. I am fanatical about watches, as I must own 20+ but specifically smartwatches. The smartwatch market has grown exponentially over that past few years and is very popular within the industry as people realise the potential in not just telling the time but all the other features like steps tracking and health tracking.

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