November 2020

best smartwatches for swimming

Best Smartwatches for Swimming

Best Waterproof Smartwatch to swim with? When we are buying a new smartwatch what is the most important feature? Is it battery life? Is it how the smartwatch looks? Maybe you consider the best smartwatches to be all made from one manufacturer, Ticwatch for example. In this article, we are going to discuss the importance… Read More »Best Smartwatches for Swimming

best smartwatches with NFC

Best Smartwatches with NFC

The best smartwatches with NFC are everywhere in the smartwatch world today. Owning a smartwatch is not really a big thing. Thousands of people around the globe now own a smartwatch and that is probably why you are reading this, you either own a smartwatch or are considering buying one. If you are wondering what… Read More »Best Smartwatches with NFC