June 2020

Battery life

In this blog, I will be looking at one of the most annoying problems with smartwatches today, Smartwatch Battery life.As smartwatches have developed over the years they have got more and more hungry for power with the application of big colour displays and increased sensors. Many of these issues have been addressed by manufacturers but… Read More »Battery life

Smartwatches Background

The tech background of smartwatches Let us start by defining what a smartwatch is – A smartwatch is defined by being a wearable computer that is on the wrist in the form of a watch. The modern smartwatches use a touchscreen interface to display information, not just the time. They usually utilise Bluetooth technology to… Read More »Smartwatches Background

Up and Running!

Well here we are the newly developed webpage – Aroundwatches.com I hope that you all are going to enjoy the content of this website as much as I am going to enjoy creating it. That said on with the content. Can I thank you in advance for viewing my new website. Why not bookmark my… Read More »Up and Running!